CONNECTR 10000.s
Note capacity Up to 10000 bank notes (multi bag)
Number of bags 5 bags of 2000 notes each
Note throughput 300 notes per minute
Accepts mixed denominations Yes
4-way note orientation Yes
Bag load time less than 30 seconds Yes
User capacity Load up to 99 individuals
Size (mm) 1615(h) x 880(l) x 685(w)
Weight 1750kg
Built to SABS Categorisation SABS Cat 4
Hingless door with no key-hole or handle Yes
Type of door Hinged hanging door
Validator: Bulk Note feeder Yes
Back-up battery supply for at least one hour Yes
Build-in printer Yes
Biometric finger print reader Yes
Keypad Numeric keypad
2-way GSM / GPRS communication Yes


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