Risk Profile

Robbery 36% of total acts of crime against a measured retail sample were armed robberies
small logoCash Connect Customers reported only one robbery
Bombings 11% of total acts of crime against measured retail sample were device bombings
small logoOnly 2.8% of the same sample were bombings against Cash Connect vaults
53% of total acts of crime against the measured retail sample were burglaries
small logoOnly 1.7% of the same sample were burglary attacks against Cash Connect vaults and 80% of these were defended

(The measured period of 21 months ending January 2016)


With our comprehensive end-to-end cash management solution, we can:

  • Protect your store against armed robbery.
  • Eliminate losses of cash-in-transit (CIT), shortages and heists.
  • Create faster cash settlements and improve cash flow - get the money in your bank account the same day.
  • Reduce your cash deposit fees.
  • Optimise your staff and back-office costs of cash handling.
  • Create an one-on-one relationship between the teller and device via biometric identification, meaning less hands dealing with your cash.
  • Reduce your cash shrinkage.
  • Detect counterfeit bank notes.
  • Save you time.

Cash Connect supports you every step of the way. You receive free 24/7/365 telephonic support and you have access to a free online client portal (Webflo) to view a snapshot of your cash (real-time) so that you can track your cash every step of the way. In addition you can make use of a national footprint of over 100 onsite field technicians and receive onsite assistance or training for your staff when required.

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